Proposal of
materials with
excellent functionality

Proposal of materials to bring enhanced comfort to the world

Mitsui Bussan I-Fashion uses its domestic and international networks to develop and propose a wide range of materials for both lifestyle and industrial applications.


Pertex® is a highly sophisticated material created in the United Kingdom in 1979. It has earned a reputation for functionality, including its feather-lightness, packability, and downproof performance, as well as its excellent texture and beauty. Pertex® is used by variety of outdoor brands and is trusted by consumers throughout the world. Mitsui & Co. inherited a tradition of manufacturing from the user’s perspective when it acquired Pertex® in 2005 and has continued to apply that philosophy ever since.


This textile brand is based on a totally new concept developed by Mitsui Bussan I-Fashion.


This body-friendly and environment-friendly textile is made from paper yarn produced from natural filament fibers.


ANNUAL is our Merino-Wool brand which is human and environmental friendly material.


PrimaLoft® is a high-performance polyester padding material developed for the U.S. military in 1987 by Albany International Corp. It combines unrivalled thermal insulation, water-resistance, and flexibility with excellent compressibility and has been used by numerous apparel brands, including outdoor brands. Since becoming a licensee in 2013, we have developed and offered PrimaLoft® Performance Fabrics combining the superior water resistance, softness, and warmth of PrimaLoft®.


Alcantara® is an internationally recognized material based on unique patented technology. For many years it has been used in the development of products by the world’s leading brands in fashion, interior products, motor vehicles, consumer electronics, and many other industries. By forming partnerships in industries that require creative designs, we have turned Alcantara® into a product that symbolizes modern lifestyles.


Materials for lifestyle industries
Long- and short-fiber synthetic textiles, such as polyester, nylon, acrylic (mainly for innerwear), and PLA, yarns, woven and knitted fabrics, non-woven cloth, and related products, conveyor belt cleaners, and peripheral equipment.
Raw materials for sophisticated functional synthetic textiles, such as vinylon, and conductive textiles.
—Main areas—
Inner apparel, parts for conveyance systems, hose reinforcement


Advanced functional materials—flame-resistant products
Raw materials: modacrylic (flame-resistant acrylic), Kanecaron (Protex)/flame-resistant rayon/aramid fibers/flame-resistant vinylon/flame-resistant polyester/flame-resistant poylypropyline, etc.
Yarns: flame-resistant spun yarns/flame-resistant sewing thread
Fabrics: flame-retardant/flame-resistant fabrics
—Main areas—
Bedding/mattresses, seat covers, curtains, filters, blankets, sheets, carpets, protective clothing, children’s pajamas, etc.


Functional materials—heat-resistant products
Aramid fibers/PPS fibers/homoacrylic fibers/glass fibers/felted fabrics made from these fibers
—Main areas—
High-temperature filters, heat-resistant clothing and gloves (including padded items), etc.


High-performance raw materials—other high-performance products
Special acrylic fibers for high-pile boas (fur)/high-performance polyester fibers (for apparel, materials)/high-strength PE fibers/PBO fibers/conductive fibers
—Main areas—
Furs (stuffed toys, artificial fur, cushion covers, rugs, throw rugs), down jacket fillers, high-resilience pillows, mattress pads, bedding, cable reinforcing, protective (safety) gloves, industrial rope, composites, etc.


Nylon woven fabrics/polyester woven fabrics/polyester wadding/optoelectronic products/water-and moisture-resistant and waterproof products, etc., knitted, cotton-blend, wool-blend products, and many others


Cotton shirt material (yarn-died and plain)/denim fabrics (indigo/knitted, woven)/material for ladies’ suits and jackets (triacetate, diacetate, polyester, double and triple cotton-blend woven materials)


Automotive interior materials, coverings for consumer electronic goods
Automotive interior materials, including artificial leather and synthetic leather