Wider, Deeper, and Closer

On October 1, 2016, Mitsui Bussan Inter-Fashion Ltd. and Mitsui Bussan Techno Products Co., Ltd. merged and started this new phase in our history under a new name—Mitsui Bussan I-Fashion Ltd.

As textile trading company in the Mitsui & Co. Group, we aim to achieve continuing evolution as a company capable of providing customers in Japan and overseas with one-stop solutions to needs in all areas from raw materials and industrial materials to fashion products.

Accelerating change in our business environment is leading to the dizzying pace of change in existing business models and values. Our policy is to remain firmly focused on this reality, and to think and act with our customers from the perspectives of our customers and markets.

The“ I” in Mitsui Bussan I-Fashion represents our vision for the compa ny as expressed below.

Together with the fashion and textile industry in Japan and overseas,
we will work in international markets
to achieve continuing business model evolution and innovation,
while maintaining a high standard of integrity as a member of the Mitsui & Co. Group
and working to become a company with influence

Through its business activities, Mitsui Bussan I-Fashion will help people to enjoy enhanced lifestyles,
while providing satisfaction for all stakeholders, including its business partners and employees.