Creating a functional
and enriched lifestyle

Every day we work to develop and propose high-added value materials that will help people to build enhanced living environments, and to provide global distribution services for those materials. Our keywords in this area are safety, the environment, health, and comfort.

【Textile Materials (Knit Textiles)】


Through our extensive domestic and international networks, we handle a variety of textile materials (knit textiles), including the high-performance material Pertex, as well as licensed Primaloft Performance Fabrics products. Our efforts to introduce world-class textile materials include joint development with local manufacturers and processing contractors under stringent delivery and quality management, as well as the development of our own original products.



Other sports textiles and casual textiles

【High-performance Synthetic Raw Materials 】


We offer all kinds of high-performance materials, especially fire-resistant and heat-resistant woven fabrics for use in innerwear, sportswear, workwear and other apparel products. Our products cover a wide variety of applications, including fur-related products and other items for use in stuffed toys, synthetic leathers, cushion covers, and home textiles.

【High-performance Materials 】


Our business spans a wide range of material applications and product categories, including industrial equipment and materials, such as conveyor belt cleaners and liner cloths used in tire manufacturing.

【High-grade Covering Materials】


One of our priorities is the expansion of sales channels in Japan for Alcantara, a high-grade Italian-made covering material for use in motor vehicle interiors. While motor vehicle interiors remain the main application for this material, we also aim to expand its use in new areas, such as consumer electronics, and aircraft and vessel interiors.